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As Vice President of New Initiatives for the Miami Herald, I was one of three members of the company’s Strategy Steering Committee. We baked in stuff. We shifted our paradigms. We wrapped our heads around things. We wanted win-wins. We got down to net-net-nets.

Silly. The main things I noticed were that we needed to get CLEAR. We needed to create FOCUS. And we needed to get everyone on the BUS.

Okay. Threw that last one in just for the laughs. We did need to get ALIGNED.

But mostly, we needed to LET GO.

Oh, my goodness. The things we want to hang on to!

You can’t change your strategy with any significant impact unless you’re willing to reallocate resources toward the new direction.

“If you want to move your business forward, hire Kim Romaner. You can’t go wrong! I hired Kim to focus our company goals, to help us define what the next level was for the organization, and to help us achieve new levels of success. Through Kim’s simple coaching process, we not only accomplished all of these objectives, but discovered new avenues for revenue and new definitions of success.”

Leslie Carlet

American Benefit Partners

Maybe you’re ready to make those changes, but don’t know how. Or maybe you’re not sure they’re the right changes. Or you’re meeting resistance. Perhaps the resistance is within yourself.

I’ve been there, from the smallest of businesses to the pretty large.

If you feel like your strategy is muddy, or non-existent, or outdated, or impossible…I can help.

Pick a time below, and let’s talk!

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