Sales improvement consulting from a top selling salesperson. Me.

Your sales process might be leaking. In fact, I can almost guarantee it is.

It could be in your hiring process.

Or your conversion techniques.

Or your sales training program.

It could be a website content or flow issue.

It might be in your performance expectations or management.

But somewhere…there’s a leak.

Consider me your sales plumber.

“Kim has endless energy and an unwavering can-do attitude, which makes working with her inspiring, enjoyable, and ultimately fruitful. I would highly recommend her leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen to anyone seeking positive growth.”

Sara Bittorf

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

I was trained as a computer programmer. I follow chains of logic easily. I’m trained to look for bugs.

I trained myself to be a salesperson, and have been the top salesperson for most of the companies I’ve worked for, and an award-winning salesperson for my own.

I don’t just want to plug your leaks. I want you to consider your flow of sales in a whole new way.

Allow me to help you open the floodgates.

To set up an exploratory conversation, please pick a time.

If we could make just a 10% difference in your closure rate, what would that do for your business?

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