Joe Saul Sehy is the host of Stacking Benjamins, a popular personal finance podcast on which he has interviewed everyone from Jean Chatzky to David Bach.

Sehy’s journey to becoming a podcasting sensation was a little unusual: he started as a financial advisor, building a firm with $65MM in assets under management. Then, on his 40th birthday, Sehy received a letter from a friend which was the trigger that made him want to sell his business. His friend’s letter became a catalyst for him to switch careers and become a professional podcaster. In this episode of Built to Sell Radio, Sehy describes the sale of his financial planning practice and you’ll learn:

  • How to use employee systems to “you-proof” your business.
  • How to hire people inclined to follow systems (rather than renegades who want to re-invent your business).
  • How to sell a franchise.
  • The one thing Sehy wished he had done, which he estimates could have boosted the value of his business by 15–25%.
  • What to do with your money after you sell your business.
  • Why the 4% rule of investing may be too conservative for most entrepreneurs.

Listen now to hear all of Sehy’s financial advice and learn the one thing he would have done differently when selling his business.

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Joe Saul Sehy was hit hard by the letter he received from his friend which encouraged him to climb mountains worth climbing. In Sehy’s case, he liked managing other people’s money but he didn’t love it. Through working with a business coach, Sehy realized his true passion was teaching, which led him on the journey to begin Stacking Benjamins. Figuring out your true passion is something we do in Module 12 of The Value Builder System using an exercise called The Envelope Test.

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