About Us

We help business leaders amplify possibility into reality.

Hi!  I’m Kim Romaner.  I founded Possibilities Amplified in 2007.

Our purpose is to help business leaders amplify possibility into reality.

You know what you want to make happen.  We teach you and your team to apply the science of possibility amplification, as defined in my book, The Science of Making Things Happen: Turn Any Possibility into Reality, to get it done.

Here are some of the possibilities we’ve helped our clients and partners turn into reality:

  • We began with a project to turn a brick and mortar business into an online platform, which was eventually white labeled and licensed to major players in the travel industry in Miami.
  • We trained a team of new project managers at GE Energy Services to lead in an environment in which those they would be directing did not report to them.
  • We helped Trumba meet with the leaders of digital newspaper operations across the country to explore partnerships and share their value proposition.
  • We established the South Florida Digital Alliance, a combination nonprofit and for profit offering lower cost Internet access, managed services and more tech buying power to South Florida’s anchor institutions—education, healthcare, government—allowing them to save and give back by investing proceeds in digital inclusion programs.
  • In Macon, our project was to increase the community’s TQ—Technology Quotient—by creating awareness of the power of smaller communities to differentiate in a digital economy.  With telecomm partner Cox Communications, we launched the FCC’s EveryoneOn program there.
  • We’ve helped small business owners change up their marketing game and explode their businesses.
  • We’ve helped an author take the leap of faith to self-publish, going from writing obscurity to selling more than 50 different book titles.

We don’t know yet what you want to accomplish.

But we have some tools and a technology to help you get there.

We’d love to hear about your project, vision or goal.

And then we’d love to help you Amp it Up!

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