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4 Secrets to Gittin’-R-Done

April 13th, 2011 · 2 Comments


To Do ListOkay.  So.  You’re calling people.  You’re talking.  You’re not getting traction.  Wassup?

This kind of communication is part of your decoherence plan; that is, your plan for creating a lot of information about your desired possibilities in the environment.  Decoherence is the universe’s method for turning quantum possibility into reality, and it’s your method for breaking (decohering) the present to make room for the future. When you begin to engage others in your new reality, this is called grid amplification, in which you utilize others’ power of observation to help solidify your desired result. Quantum physicists tell us that multiple observers make a possibility more powerful. Scientists in other fields tell us that observation alone modifies outcomes in our everyday world.

So, if you’re engaging these folks, trying to get them to observe your reality, it might be frustrating when none of them seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.  So, how can you turn this around, both for them, and mentally for you?

1.  Hitch your wagon to their star, so that they’ll hitch their wagon to yours. Being very clear about the value proposition and relevance of your desired result for the person you’re talking to will help them to see that result as their own desire as well.  If you’re coming strictly from your passion and your desire, others will enjoy watching you tell your story, but it won’t belong to them.  Get them to see themselves taking advantage of your new reality.  Listen hard, find out what their hot buttons are, and then relate your desired result directly to those hot buttons.

2.  Keep calling, talking and visiting. What you may not yet know is how many contacts it will take to build a sufficient amplification grid.  Each emerging reality is different.  As compelling as your presentation of your ideas may be, not everyone will want to be a part of your grid.  The more people you talk to, though, the more quickly you will build your grid. It’s critical that you keep putting the information out there, because consistency over time is the lever point you have for making your possibilities stable, the second criteria for getting them amplified into reality.

3. Fine tune, be patient and Cary Grant it. Over time, your messages will become more crafted, your value proposition will become more keen, your approach will become more collaborative, until almost everyone you touch will want to get involved.  Until that tipping point occurs, patience is what it required.  While you’re waiting, live your life as if your possibility had already come true.  Spend time in the emotions that are part of that desired future state. Remove the doubt language from your conversations and thoughts.  Feel the confidence and responsibility of knowing that you are the only creator of your life experience.

4.  Stay connected. Your dream or goal is the glue that holds your amplification grid together.  You need to reach out and touch the members of your grid (or desired grid) and make sure they remember their roles and their reasons for caring.  The more personal, the more likely to engage.  The more relevant, the more likely to motivate.  The more visionary, the more likely to inspire.


You are the conductor of your personal universal symphony. The universe has laid at your feet every kind of instrument, talented performers, stunning scenery, a lifetime rental of the perfect venue, and an audience eager and willing to hear your music.

As you lift your baton, there’s a hush.  And then your music pours over us in all of its glory and magnficence.

Can’t wait. :)

Tags: Achieving Goals in Life · Changing Your Life · Possibilities · Success Strategies

2 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Todd French // Apr 13, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    I saw you in person and witnessed your personal charisma and magnetism. the comments above, to me, are very technical, very removed from my reality-as if I need a new degree to understand them. I guess this is what is getting in my way of using you material. The new representative language, which I am certain you chose for a beneficial effect, is so technical that person with a Masters Degree like myself often finds myself scratching my head.
    Perhaps I need to dive into your book again and reread.
    I suggest that you, at some point, put your major points of amping up possibilities into a shortened, bulleted form, if possible, to help people navigate this complex set of ideas.
    Nothing intended to be negative about this. I would like to see people empowered by your ideas. As for me, I am a well read person in the metaphysical realm and I have a difficult time following things.
    Just some suggestions. Keep up the good work.
    By the way, you were a very accessible and accomplished speaker

  • 2 Kim Romaner // Apr 14, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Todd, hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yeah, the science is a bit esoteric, but that’s me, I’m the science chick, right? :) I often find myself sashaying back and forth between taking all the science-y stuff out of my message, and hammering hard on it, because I do want the message to be as accessible as possible, but I also want folks to understand the undeniable scientific nature of it. I hear you, though: I will take your suggestion for a shortened bulleted form and make that available to everyone. Thanks for your insight, and I look forward to hearing more!

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